Bubble Hash

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Bubble Hash | THCa

Method: Solventless Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash is extracted using ice and water from freshly cured trim. The product is then freeze dried before being pressed or rolled depending on the consistency of the end product. Rolled bubble is more gooey and melty, Pressed is more brittle and crumbly. Live Bubble Hash is made from freshly frozen material and contains a higher terpene content than cured bubble. Product comes in glass jars.

Different cultivars have varying grades, color and consistencies ranging from 60-70% + potency.




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2 reviews for Bubble Hash

  1. goat.mulcher (verified owner)

    The GMO live bubble is amazing. I hit it with the frenchy and have it rolled up and aging but I can’t keep from digging into it.

  2. Jesse Dann (verified owner)

    Yo i would give this 10 stars if i could. Got the purple ice water bubble hash. They say “if it don’t bubble, it ain’t worth the trouble” & this stuff proves the saying true. Some bubble hash i get online is too dry, but this stuff was perfect! Looked like a tootsie roll haha. First purchase, now I am convinced to try other things from Wildflower Hemp Co!

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