1g Live Rosin (Solventless)

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1g Live Rosin | THCa

Method: Solventless Extraction

Live rosin is a high-quality hemp concentrate that is made using a solventless extraction method. It is highly regarded for its exceptional flavor, aroma, and potency. Live rosin is made from fresh, high-quality hemp flowers that have been harvested and immediately frozen to preserve the plant’s natural terpenes and cannabinoids.

To produce live rosin, the fresh frozen hemp flowers are washed using bubble hash technology (only ice and water). The end product (live bubble hash) is then pressed under low heat and high pressure. This process helps to rupture the trichomes on the plant, releasing the valuable resin containing cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds. The resulting resin is collected and further processed to remove any impurities, resulting in a clean and pure concentrate.

Unlike traditional solvent-based extraction methods, such as butane or CO2 extraction, live rosin does not require any solvents. It is considered to be a more natural and artisanal form of concentrate production, as it utilizes only heat and pressure to extract the resin from the cannabis plant.

Product comes in glass jars.

Each cultivar has varying color and consistencies ranging from 80-90% + potency.

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17 reviews for 1g Live Rosin (Solventless)

  1. dragondeez (verified owner)

    Ordered Cake Mintz 1g, as advertised it looks and smells great, definitely ordering again

  2. Ashley Alejandro (verified owner)

    I ordered MegaRuntz and GMO.

    While I enjoyed the GMO, the color is much greener in person than in photos. Sadly, the MegaRuntz was unpleasant and overpowering for my tastes. I hope this goes away with curing.

  3. Ashley Alejandro (verified owner)


  4. Ashley Alejandro (verified owner)

    Cake Mintz

  5. Conrad Borski (verified owner)

    GMO Live Rosin is awesome, great for sleep.

  6. Ashley Alejandro (verified owner)

    We love the Cake Mintz and White Truffle! Can’t wait for GMO to come back!😋🔥

  7. Ashley C. (verified owner)

    Everything is great. We use 500 for rosin now. Previously we were going too hot, so please ignore the bad review. The GMO is A+ the color is exactly what GMO should look like.

  8. joshhall232323 (verified owner)

    Ordered Runtz awhile back and the quality was outstanding.

  9. Eric M. (verified owner)

    This review is for Bird Turd and Watermelon Mimosa.

    First off, the Watermelon Mimosa is THE BEST rosin I have personally had. Happy uplifting elevation. The flavor profile is soooo good. Tastes exactly like sucking on a watermelon rind. It’s wild and delicious. Please keep this in rotation.

    Bird Turd, despite its name, is also very tasty. More earthy for sure. Great effects. I definitely bought it bc of the name. I was intrigued and I am not disappointed. Although, the Watermelon Mimosa is the real star of the show.

  10. gavinhrt12 (verified owner)

    Really good rosin and decent flavor (watermelon mimosa strain) just wish mine wasn’t so dry.

  11. Drew Ramsauer (verified owner)

    I can’t believe I can get rosin of this quality shipped to my doorstep. Holy smokes, the Gary Payton is the most delicious dab I’ve ever had. 420° out of the Carta and you’re feeling gooood. It feels like a complete high and I love it. Definitely going to be ordering more. Good work WFHC!

  12. totalogboss (verified owner)

    I got the garlic breath and it was super wet and smells really musky and earthy. the taste was the same except more creamy and piney on the exhale. high was great really sedating and relaxed high great nighttime smoke. the only downside is 65 a g is pretty steep for me.

  13. Ashley C. (verified owner)

    White Truffle is good – nice effect, color, texture, etc. The flavor is a bit understated, but it has a good kick to it and smokes well.

  14. Camp Collado (verified owner)

    easily the best shit i’ve smoked from a hemp vendor by far. ive had plenty of resins, thca carts and thca flower but nothing compares to some quality hash. u can barely find good quality or really any rosin where i am much less hash rosin so to be able to have access to such quality is breathtaking for sure. after this i am for sure wildflower for life. keep up the fire product

  15. Matthew Vest (verified owner)

    Just got done ripping one y’all. This stuff is the real deal…all of it. I’ve been a loyal customer for about 2 months and have enjoyed several cured resin buckets and this is my 2nd gram of hash rosin (Banana Punch, Gary Payton). It’s not too good to be true, trust me.

  16. Ashley C. (verified owner)

    The GMO, Cake Mintz were both excellent. Garlic Breath was very good but not quite as flavorful. The Labomba, Gary Peyton and Bird Turd were more difficult to work with, left a bit more residue, can get stuck to the top of the lid etc. At the end of the day, we thought there were some clear winners here…

  17. I.V (verified owner)

    wasnt expecting something this good

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