Indoor Hemp Flowers (THCa)

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Indoor Flower | High THCa

Method: Living Soil
Environment: Indoor

*Indoor flower is tested per harvest batch. We blend a small amount of each flavor into 1 test for an overall compliance potency of the crop. Each flavor ranges from 26-32% total cannabinoids.



Reviews (14)

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14 reviews for Indoor Hemp Flowers (THCa)

  1. Clifton Collins (verified owner)

    Absolutely 🔥. Hands down best I’ve had .

  2. Ashley Alejandro (verified owner)

    Sherb Cake is fire. Great for anxiety/PTSD. Wildflower is my go-to. ❤️💕

  3. Ashley Alejandro (verified owner)

    Sugar Biscuits is DANK. Buds glistening with crystals. Smokes like a dream. Seriously, this stuff looks great. Customer service is top notch.

  4. Trey Griffin (verified owner)

    Very potent. Excellent experience.

  5. Reggie Midler (verified owner)

    This Herb is Soooo Clean. Makes a Huge difference in the smoking experience, and how the body/mind feels. Sherb Cake is sooo delish 🔥 🔥 Strawberries and Cream is ⛽. Guerilla Glue is a classic Favorite, mixed good with Sherb Cake. Grandi Guava was just as described. Great Genetics and Growing practices make a Huge Difference!!! 4 more strains otw ☺

  6. Random Guy (verified owner)

    Sherb cake is very relaxing. Stronger than I initially expected

  7. Ryan Raynor (verified owner)

    Such good quality flower. Ordered the Strawberry Gary and Sherb Cake as I wanted a Sativa and Indica. Both are absolute fire. The Strawberry Gary is just like the description said, strawberries mixed with sweet florals with a hint of diesel. Really like the Sativa effects on her too. There is so much to say about the Sherb, starting with its freaking delicious. The smell and taste has so much going on it’s hard to describe other than it’s mouth watering and hard to pull my nose from the darn jar. Lol. Let the 420 games begin! I never win anything so you are safe… ha. Seriously though I highly recommend both strains.

  8. PhenoPhather (verified owner)

    The smell upfront is vanilla cream with a bright dankness as you crack a nug open. The colors are vibrant and content of crystals is high. Burns white and smooth. The nugs are super fresh. It seems to lean to an intense sativa heady experience with some subtle body vibes. Its a great Sativa example and makes my brain want to go.

  9. PhenoPhather (verified owner)

    My first review was for the Chimera.

    This review is for the Super Boof. The smell is pungent and unique. Almost cherry syrup in a way but then it’s deeper notes of citrus and funk. Taste matches the nose and has a spice to it as it burns through. Not as smooth as the Chimera on the hit. Fresh and decently sized nugs. Its a head high start with a heavy body and light tingle finish that felt like waves to me. Great for the time before bed so you can enjoy the sensation on the way up then relax and sink on the way down.

  10. Franklinsspawn (verified owner)

    Winter Sunset, Apples n Bananas, & Pinnacle are all gas ⛽!! About to put in another order! I’m in love with testing out and photographing all these wonderful Cultivars!

  11. gavinhrt12 (verified owner)

    I originally bought the super lemon haze and tbh I wasn’t that impressed, it was ok. I love this companies wax it’s the best on the market so I know they have amazing products so I wanted to try there bud again, I made the purchase of winter sunset and pinnacle and let me tell you they were amazing. The winter sunset is probably some of the best flower I have ever had so smooth and is described perfectly. Pinnacle looks amazing and the musky odor is very strong.

  12. mandravex (verified owner)

    Absolutely great stuff. And thats coming from a smoker of many years. 10/10.
    Got the Jucee J indoor. Looked exactly like the picture, didnt expect that, but its quality stuff. Smells great, looks good, and does its job perfectly. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. JROC420 (verified owner)

    Pinnacle is such a unique & flavorful strain! if you love fully purple strains this one is purple throughout the entire bud structure! After grinded up it remained purple! I love it! The Nose on this flower is very pungent, musky & skunky a little different than most purple budz I’ve encountered before. It’s a super smooth smoke with very little choke. It also has a Lighter colored ash. The Pinnacle strain truly reveals how the right growing method’s can make a wonderful hemp flower that appeals to all your senses. Wildflower Hemp Co you truly did a wonderful job on this strain. Keep up the amazing work y’all do over there. I’m Customer For Life!

  14. Carter Hermanson (verified owner)

    Apple and bananas was absolutely gassss, super freaking fresh and sticky. Super fruity and sweet to the taste

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