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Cured Resin BHO | THCa

Method: BHO Extraction

Cured Resin oil is a terpene rich cured resin extracted from freshly cured, hang dried flower. No cutting agents or additives at all. Just pure, full spectrum oil. Product comes in gram glass jars.

Different cultivars have varying color and consistencies ranging from 80-90% + potency.


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46 reviews for Cured Resins

  1. jwechs (verified owner)

    These dabs are STRONG and so good. And when I say strong, I use flower and dabs all day every day for an esophageal condition so it’s not as if I have a low tolerance lol. I ordered two containers of the 4 g Train Wreck cured resin buckets. Both were full containers (I weighed them as I weigh everything when I order online). So far, I’ve really struggled to find good sativa dabs from thca hemp vendors *until* I tried these. I’m desperately hoping that WFHC is able to keep this in stock and/or at least keep one or two sativa dabs on constant rotation 🙏🏾. Definitely plan to order again.

  2. Abigail Woodson (verified owner)

    Bought 4g bucket of Trainwreck. Hits great out of my puffco. Good quality.

  3. XBL Jedi (verified owner)

    Cherry Punch, nice and sweet pairs well with the blueberry muffin both fruity. White Truffle clean gassy pine with lemon taste. Ice cream cake was the best in taste for sure! Man, all I have tried has been great. Cheers

  4. Chris Hollingsworth (verified owner)

    You can not go wrong with any of the budget blend. It’s by far worth the money and is only like 19 a gram this way

  5. Josh Bartley (verified owner)

    yes the stuff is so fire !!!! Their cured resin was close to tasting like flower !

  6. William Cofer (verified owner)

    I have tried the Blueberry Muffin, about to open up the TrainWreck, and just ordered some GrandDaddy Purp. So far i haven’t been disappointed. I feel like this the best “everyday” option I have found.

  7. Abigail Woodson (verified owner)

    Writing a second review because I bought Trainwreck the first time and it was amazing. Cherry punch is terrible! Would not recommend. Smells and tastes like nothing unfortunately. So disappointing after a 5 star Trainwreck.

  8. Chandler Nelson (verified owner)

    All are fire like always except the cherry punch, barely any smell or flavor

  9. William Cofer (verified owner)

    Just tried the TrainWreck and it doesn’t disappoint. After trying Blueberry Muffin and TrainWreck… i want to try the other strains. Wildflower is the bomb, keep up the good work

  10. bog_ebb0d (verified owner)

    This stuff is the tits! It’s awesome and throughly exceeded my expectations! I got some slight grape undertones from my Yocan pen. The high is definitely indica leaning! 🫡🕺🏽

  11. Bob Miller (verified owner)

    I got sour patch and the flavor is soooo good, it’s exactly how it’s described very fruity and pungent! And it’s strongggg, It’s like honey the wax is delicious the price is amazing as well and it’s only $18.75 a gram for this perfect price they have cheaper options but this was the best looking in my opinion %/10 Keep it up WildFlower for real!

  12. Brian Kornegay (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the Blueberry Muffin, and GDP. Soon will try Sour Patch and White Truffle. Will be forever customer.

  13. abu.shazzam (verified owner)

    I bought the Budget Blend. I will say it is a good product but it is “budget” for a reason. Like, it will definitely get you medicated but it has a bunch of different flavors that don’t really go together. I should have just spent the extra to get a better tasting one. I probably won’t finish all of this.

  14. Jeff Leaming (verified owner)

    First time customer. Ordered the Bubba Kush and one thing is for certain. I will by trying more concentrates. Very satisfied!

  15. Eric McElroy (verified owner)

    I had the budget cured resin and it is absolutely fantastic for the price. Muted aroma, sure. Faint taste to it, ok. But does it get you hella elevated? Yes! And it’s at a fantastic price. Would keep buying budget if in stock. It’s awesome for the price!

  16. jgenovese221 (verified owner)

    Got the cured resins in syringes to add to dryTHCA diamonds and 🤯 mind blown 🤯 my new go to

  17. Ian Simpson (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a budget concentrate, ever since Missouri dispensary prices got and stayed.. ridiculous. Buuut this stuff looks straight from the source. Ordered it Friday, payed for the express shipping, and got it first thing Tuesday. Even said it was supposed to get here yesterday, but I’ll put that one on the post office. Completely worth it.. filled the brim, smelled great. Will definitely buy again.

  18. Dan (verified owner)

    I like the cured resins as a budget option but this 5 star is really for the sauce syringes – they are KILLER. Excellent material for DIY carts. Love to see it available!!

  19. heddie4343 (verified owner)

    Sour Patch is great I’ve been using it as my daily morning starter smooth vapor and uplifting effects.

  20. Devin Camarillo (verified owner)


  21. jpa9188 (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and it smells great

  22. Johnathon Claxton (verified owner)

    Placed an order on the 14th, received on the 16th, super fast and amazing quality! Shipping was discreet and professionally packaged. Thank you WFH for your service.

  23. XBL Jedi (verified owner)

    Hands down best place to get any thc-a products, the cured resins have been amazing in taste and potent. Don’t waste your money with other vendors. These guys and gals have fresh and its delicious.

  24. Eric McElroy (verified owner)

    This review is for a few cured resins I have tried and loved recently.

    1. Lemon Cherry Gelato – The pine and lemon really does come thru very strong with this one. I found myself coming back to the LCG the most out of all the cured resins I currently have. Love the flavor, love the high, love the texture and consistency of the concentrate. Top notch.

    2. Mac1 – This is a very close second in my book. Love, love, love the sour flavor. You also get a real good gassy exhale off the dab. Really, really good stuff. Please keep the Mac around!

    3. Gov Joker – I love the consistency and texture of this concentrate the most out of all the ones I currently have. You get this oddly tasty sour/gassy flavor from Gov Joker. I really like how this one dabs. I found the effects to be the weakest with this strain. Still a great all day dab for me.

    4. GMO – I found this strain to have the strongest effects. Absolute favorite end of the day, Netflix and chill type of strain. For me personally, I’m not a fan of the flavor tho. The funk is very strong. Almost like I dabbed pool water. A bit of chlorine flavor lingers afterwards. Again, the funk is real strong with this one and if that is your thing, then GMO is killer bc the effects are already very, very good.

    I listed these in my personal order of favorite to least favorite.

    I’ll be back to try more! Love the 4g bucket price point

  25. Matthew Watkins (verified owner)

    Any time I order some of their Cured Resin… I’m in heaven. Anything whatsoever from this company is a winner. Guaranteed!

  26. michelle rosher (verified owner)

    love this! will keep buying :)

  27. XBL Jedi (verified owner)

    I prefer this company over all others. Shipping is wicked fast, top notch customer service, fresh products, superior quality over all other businesses and price that is reasonable.

  28. totalogboss (verified owner)

    sherb cream pie was a solid purchase with a nice smell that’s a little sweet. it smokes smooth and has a good flavor. will try other strains in the future.

  29. michelle rosher (verified owner)

    love this bucket. will be buying more for sure!

  30. Richard Hague (verified owner)

    After countless hours of reading through reddit, I took a chance with these guys. My first order I got the Purple Punch, Mac 1, and Mendo Head cured resins. As a person who has consistently dabbed for 4 years, this stuff hits the exact same and the flavors are crazy. The terps pull through real nice. I’m extremely happy. I just placed a second order for some flower as I wanna try to get back into it. I would recommend these guys to anyone and as a person who manages a smoke shop in Florida, I’ve tried lots of things. Seriously, y’all are a savior.

  31. drewlicht2019 (verified owner)

    Sour bubba sauce syringe literally could have been passed off as live resin it was that terpy. Please make more of these!!

  32. drewlicht2019 (verified owner)

    Tropsanto sauce syringe is good, but not quite up there with the sour bubba. Still well worth the money though..

  33. joshhall232323 (verified owner)

    I ordered the GMO bucket, had a couple shipping problems but the support team was extremely helpful, and they will keep you informed. I could not ask for a better product for the price.

  34. PhenoPhather (verified owner)

    I got the GMO and it was definitely Chemdawg. The smell is foul and i love it. It’s like dank mothballs. It’s vivid and intense. This was in the form of sugar so I mixed it top to bottom and that magnified the scent. At lower temps, the diesel is front stage and never leaves. It’s great and a clean hit. Not super powerful by % but a great hit, smell and appearance.

  35. michelle rosher (verified owner)

    amazing product, will continue to purchase!!

  36. joelteegarden (verified owner)

    Guava Mints is an absolute 10
    Mendo Head has solid effects but taste is missing, almost nothing to it, I was looking forward to the funk 6.8
    Overall very impressed with the quality of the cured resin and will be ordering again, better than most brands in my med state are putting out

  37. Carter Hermanson (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a good handful of y’all’s strains and I’ve been meaning to do a little review.

    GMO- super fire and funky, has that almost feet smell to it (in the best way possible) smokes fire, I have reordered this one lmaooo

    Pressure- ngl it is pressure but this one wasn’t my favorite. Definitely smoked great but the taste just wasn’t for me

    Guava mints- super fire, has a sweet flavor that is hard to put to words, one of my favorites

    Gov joker – I feel like I’m just saying the same shit over and over again but again super super fire, definitely sour and pine on the flavor

    Mendo head- this one for me at least was a little light on the flavor, but still got me faded

    Mac 1 – 🔥

  38. PhenoPhather (verified owner)

    The scent is intense lime with cream and a strong pine background, not gas or chemical, in my opinion. More limearita after someone freshly mopped the floor. This is some top notch concentrate. It came as crystal on top of this beautiful terpene mixture. I ALWAYS mix top to bottom then around to ensure consistency. Once I did, it turned into a beautiful gelato-like texture. Feeling from it is a bright head high immediately with a trickle into body tingles. Gary P and Rainbow Chip together was such a great idea. Both are powerful and quality strains with award winning lineage up and down the family tree.

  39. Alec Borman (verified owner)

    Ordered a 4g bucket of the Grease Monkey and it smells like I imagine a sweaty man working on cars does, truly funky in a way I haven’t smelled before, personally I love the smell! The consistency is perfect Imo, it’s like a crystalized honey butter left out on the counter. it dabs very smooth and clean! Predominantly has a really heavy and euphoric high and it’s definitely a potent and it punches above its class in quality at a really competitive price! I just placed an order for 4 more buckets, that’s how impressed I am!

  40. smokeymctoast420 (verified owner)

    I just got my order, I got the Lemon Cherry Gelato and this stuff is gas! 🔥💯 Will definitely be placing another order 😁

  41. Daniel King (verified owner)

    Been a heavy user of resin and rosin for about 7 years now, 17 years smoking total. I have tried D8 before, D10, and other cannabinoids. I have osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and PTSD from childhood, so none of the other cannabinoids have really worked for me. Sometimes, even the flower I find doesn’t work all that well. Concentrates have improved my quality of life greatly, to the point where my pain is manageable and I’m able to exercise. Without it, I start having issues.

    I recently was unable to acquire concentrate anymore, which left me in a real bind. I must admit, I was skeptical of whether or not this stuff would work for me.

    I decided to try the Guava Mintz and I’m blown away. Discrete packaging, smells looks, tastes, and hits exactly like its female counterpart. The taste is beautiful, carrying notes of what I’ve previously considered to be a “hydroponic” flavor, where a clean water taste is present behind the symphony of terpenes in each hit.

    Super clean. No hot burning feeling that CBD can often leave. Pleasantly stronger than the female resins I have tried.

    Excellent product, I will be back to order more from you soon.

    My only feedback is I wish there were larger sizes available at a slight discount.

    Great job, Team!

  42. justinmartin049 (verified owner)

    Both orders were atleast 4 grams. Very high quality, strong taste, strong effects, I have had sherb cream pie and lemon cherry gelato. Both very good and high quality. Both had strong and great smells as soon as the vac seal was broken. vacuum seal did a good job at keeping the smell in.
    They surpassed my expectations in every way, first order was just over 4 grams and the second order was exactly 4.1 grams. I am very pleased and very stoned. Hands down best Thca company I have bought from and will be the only one I use!
    After being shorted by street dealers and less reputable vendors this is a breath of fresh air!
    I have only had the cured resin as of now but the taste is about on par If not better than live resin from a few other places. And they ship faster than any other place I have ordered from, both orders were shipped the same day! And since there local usps is understaffed they don’t always scan it in so both my orders I only got notified when it got to my local post office at 11pm and was pleasantly surprised when they showed up the next day! one was 4-5 business days and the other was only 4 days! and 10/10 would recommend I can’t express how thankful I am to have found this company!

  43. lstrader082 (verified owner)

    Everything on here is phenomenal! I’ve tried 4 cured resins so far and 2 flowers and have never been let down. Thank you so much wildflower! After years of dealing with gas station thca chemical crap I finally found a legit and safe place to buy. Just received my recent order with only 2 days of shipping and plan on ordering again for the 5th time.

    These dabs are strong and effective with a great taste and smell. Can’t go wrong with wildflower hemp co!

  44. Catherine Cortale (verified owner)

    I’m a returning happy customer here. Always love the consistency of Pressure, and Gush Mintz. Big League Sherb is a new favorite of mine. Holy balls it is so smooth, creamy, and hits beautifully. Also grabbed Paloma Pie, I like that one a lot. The consistency is very malleable and kind of like peanut butter. It hits ya hard in the face, I mean hard. I’m so glad I found you guys. Highest quality, beautifully crafted products. Will be returning again.

  45. Ryan Lemke (verified owner)

    Look no further than WildFlowerHemp for all of your flower and dabs. After doing tons of research, I saw an overwhelming amount of people recommending WildFlowerHemp and they were right to do so. I started with 4g’s of the Sherb Cream Pie and was very impressed. I was so impressed, I ordered 28g’s of Paloma Pie the day it dropped. This wax hits you in the face like a brick, made of cement, that flew off a train going 75mph. Flavor is great and the consistency is like smooth peanut butter. WildFlowerHemp is my go-to store for all my THCa needs from now on. I received my order in about 2-3 days from the time i placed it. Place an order and you will not regret it!

  46. rawlinsonsean127 (verified owner)

    The jokers. Okay. So I don’t want to tell anyone because I want it all. It is deliciously gassy. Just as described. Maybe better. Terps are on point. Consistency is great. Nose is pungent and great. Taste is just as good as everything else. This is absolutely on point. Will be making a larger purchase when I can afford it. Thank WF

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