10g Mixed Indoor Duff


14g Mixed Indoor Shake | High THCa

An epic blend of the cultivars listed below:

OG Kush
Wedding Cake
Ice Cream Cake
Apple Tartz
Cheetah Piss
White Runtz (unreleased).

: Living Soil
Environment: Indoor

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  • 10g Mixed Indoor Duff


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      10g Mixed Indoor Duff


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      10g Mixed Indoor Duff | High THCa

      An epic blend of the cultivars listed below:

      – Viper Cookies
      – Hazy Train
      – Alien Cookies
      – Pablo’s Revenge
      – Purple Ice Water
      – Splitz
      – Beach Wedding
      – Watermelon Z

      : Living Soil
      Environment: Indoor

      Shake from the bottom of every pound of our recent drop (not trimmings). Every flavor blended together into one dank salad.

      Savor the Mosaic with Mixed Indoor Duff Flower

      Hey there, palette explorers and blended buffs! Looking for a rich tapestry of flavors and effects? Step into the diverse world of Mixed Indoor Duff Flower, a harmonious compilation that offers an authentic taste of indoor cultivation.

      Key Features:

      • Cultivator’s Craft: Mixed Indoor Duff Flower is a testament to the cultivator’s touch, a collection harvested from the nurturing ambiance of indoor environments. It’s a delightful fusion of strains, each echoing its cultivation journey.
      • Melded Majesty: This bud is like a gourmet fusion dish – presenting a balanced amalgamation of varied effects and intensities. It’s a canvas of sensations, painting a different picture with every session.
      • Varied Vistas: Gaze upon its allure, and you’ll witness a vibrant blend of colors. From jade greens to rich purples, interspersed with amber hues. The trichomes add a frosty finish, akin to a morning mist over a flower field.
      • Harmonious Hum: Delve into its aroma, and you’re serenaded by a choir of scents. From woody whispers to citrusy notes, underpinned by subtle hints of spice and sweetness, it’s an olfactory orchestra.
      • Patchwork Pleasure: Lighting up Mixed Indoor Duff delivers an experience akin to a genre-blending concert. Moments of uplifting highs harmonize with mellow, relaxing lows, creating a rhythmic balance.
      • Perfect for the Blend Buff: If you revel in layered experiences, nuanced notes, and a dance of diversity, Mixed Indoor Duff Flower offers a journey into the heart of indoor cultivation’s richness.

      Delve deep, appreciate the blend, and let Mixed Indoor Duff Flower weave its multifaceted magic! 🌈🍂🎵

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