Dichro Bone with 3 Opals


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Welcome to our exclusive collection of beautifully customized 5.5-6” Dichro bone pipes, boasting a captivating 3 opals set meticulously into the bowl’s tip. Our bountiful spectrum of pipes embraces a myriad of unique colors, each dancing in their vibrant, lustrous sheen. Every piece in our offering embodies a distinct aesthetic, a testament to the power of originality and artistic flair. For at our store, no two pipes are replicas of each other—each item tells its own mesmerizing story. Made with 100% USA glass.

Our ingenious creations are the result of the unwavering dedication of our lead flower packager, a seasoned artisan —and a stoner himself—whose craftsmanship is par excellence. These pieces aren’t mass-produced wares, but rather special, small-batch craft pipes that are carefully handcrafted in-house. Each creation is painstakingly shaped and detailed, encapsulating the soul of its maker and the essence of true individuality.

Beyond their aesthetic allure, these pipes boast an unrivaled robustness. Each pipe is forged with the objective of standing the test of time and rugged use. The thick and sturdy makeup of these pieces is not a coincidence, but a conscious design choice, ensuring they perfectly serve their purpose and their people.

In essence, our collection is not just an assortment of pipes but a representation of a culture. It is the coming together of artisans and lovers of good craft, hand in hand, in the creation of something iconic. Our pipes are not only built by a stoner but also echo the collective spirit and camaraderie of stoners worldwide.

So behold, explore, and find a piece that resonates with your individuality since each creation holds a piece of its creator, a glimpse of the maker’s soul. This is your chance to partake in a shared legacy and passion. These aren’t mere pipes; they’re a vivid tapestry of stories waiting to be part of your journey. Welcome to our world, where the exceptional happens.

*only 1 piece available of each option


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