Dichro Bone

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Welcome to our unique collection of bespoke 5.5″ and 6″ Dichro Bone Pipes. Our pipes emerge from the essence of creativity and craftsmanship, boasting a plethora of colors that mirror the diversity in each of our customer’s preferences. Made with 100% USA glass.

Each of our pipes carries its own unique handcrafted design, a testament to our commitment to originality. No two pipes are replicas; each is an individual work of art celebrating the uniqueness that every pipe smoker brings to the table. Our small-batch craft pipes are not just objects, but a shared testament to individuality and personal expression.

True to our authenticity, our collection is crafted in-house by none other than our lead flower packager, an avid stoner with an unparalleled understanding of what you truly seek – a pipe that is tough, timeless, and crafted for enhanced experience. The thick and durable appearance of these pipes is a reflection of the resilience and dynamic spirit that they are fused with.

Our Dichro Bone Pipes truly resonate with the spirit of stoners – individuality, resistance, and a sense of creative freedom. Step into our realm with these colorful pipelines to enhance every smoke session with a piece that matches your spirit and uniqueness. With the perfect blend of colors and the right balance of thickness and toughness, embark on a smoke-filled journey that is as unique as you are, with our custom made dichro bone pipes.

Nobody would get it as a stoner does, crafted by a stoner for a stoner, our pipes are a symbol of passion. They encapsulate the stoner spirit in every intricate design, and every puff you take will be a testament to our craftsmanship.

*only 1 piece available of each option


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