Greenhouse Hemp Flowers (THCa)

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  • Greenhouse Hemp Flowers (THCa)


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      Greenhouse Hemp Flowers (THCa)


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      Greenhouse Hemp Flowers: Nature’s Chill Wave

      Say hello to our Greenhouse Hemp Flowers, the primo pick for those looking to mellow out, naturally. Grown with love in state-of-the-art greenhouses, these hemp buds are like a cool breeze for your mind and body.

      Totally Organic, Totally Rad: Our hemp flowers are grown organically, meaning no harsh chemicals or bummer pesticides. Just pure, unadulterated nature goodness of living soil, ready to bring peace to your soul.

      Sustainably Sun-Kissed: Bathed in natural sunlight, our greenhouse babes get the perfect mix of rays and TLC. This means they’re not just good for you, but good for Mother Earth too.

      Variety is the Spice of Life, Man: With a range of strains, each with its unique aroma and experience, you’re sure to find your perfect chill companion. Whether you’re looking to kick back after a gnarly day or just enjoy a laid-back evening, we’ve got you covered.

      Rich in Good Vibes: Packed with natural terpenes and flavonoids, these hemp flowers are a festival of flavors and aromas. Each puff is like a little high-five from nature.

      Easy on the Wallet, Easy on the Mind: Quality shouldn’t break the bank, and with our Greenhouse Hemp Flowers, it doesn’t have to. Get top-shelf quality without the top-shelf price.

      So, whether you’re a seasoned hemp enthusiast or just hemp-curious, our Greenhouse Hemp Flowers are here to show you the chill side of life. Grab yours and let the good times roll!

      *Greenhouse flower is tested per harvest batch. We blend a small amount of each flavor into 1 test for an overall compliance potency of the crop. Each flavor ranges from 24-28% total cannabinoids.

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      Apple Fritter, Carbon Fiber, Citrus Sap #1, Citrus Wedding, Dutch Treat, Jelly Donut, Lemongrass, NYC Diesel, Obama Kush, Purple Apricot, Purple Ice Water, Sherb Breath, Tahoe OG (Budget), Jungle Pie (Budget), London Purps (Budget), Oreoz (Budget)


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      8 reviews for Greenhouse Hemp Flowers (THCa)

      1. pantherbranchfarms (verified owner)

        Some of the Smoothest smoking Thca Flower I’ve had!!! Sherb Breath and the mixed smalls were winners!! Can’t wait to try more!

      2. a.clapper10 (verified owner)

        This stuff is great!! Having tried many other vendors, I can firmly say that this is the absolute highest quality flower I have received and some of the strongest potency I have experienced especially at this price point. I am extremely satisfied and will be ordering more soon.
        FYI I ordered Carbon Fiber, Sherb Breath, Citrus Sap, and Jelly Donuts. Carbon Fiber was my favorite with Citrus Sap coming in close second!

      3. XBL Jedi (verified owner)

        Jelly Donuts is a must-try. Nice dense structure, fresh and sticky that grinds up perfectly. Very strong sour grape scent. It slightly leans indica that can go great from morning to night. I will have to get more for sure, if you get any of that strain you would love it. Hands down!

      4. XBL Jedi (verified owner)

        Purple apricot nice dense buds with a funk aroma. Burns and tastes nice. I have been here since 2019 and I can tell you these guys are the absolute best all around from price to quality. 🔥

      5. Reggie Midler (verified owner)

        I’ve had 6 of the Greenhouse Strains, so far. I would say on par, and even better than some places indoor. Making this a VERY NICE Top Shelf Budget option. Nose has been Loud on Everything. Glimmering in trichs. Citrus Sap, LemonGrass, Purple Apricot amongst some favs so far, but I would suggest looking at genetics and flavors to make your choice!! Very impressed!!!

      6. Elevated Evaluations (verified owner)

        Sherb Breath – Wildflower (review)

        WF’s greenhouse is on par with some of these places indoor, especially these rinky dink shops in Texas. This Sherb Breath is an awesome pickup. The Mendo and Sunset fight so hard to take the lead that it makes the taste on this unique. It’s like a tug of war between the two parent strains and with every pull you taste one of the strains. You’ll get some sour, some sweet, and just about everything they have to offer lol. This Sherb Breath is a damn rollercoaster of flavors is what I’m saying! Initially it’s very gassy and floral but the vanilla and subtle fruitiness come on the backend. It’s a great all day strain with balanced effects. It’s not the strongest but it’ll definitely get the job done, and the terps just make everything better.

        – Genetics: Sunset Sherbet x Mendo Breath, Indoor, Greenhouse, 26.20% Total Cannabinoids, Balanced Hybrid

        – Miscellaneous: Squishy Dense Nugs, Great Bud Structure, Smokes Smooth, No Harshness, Frosty, Keify, Cured and Trimmed Well, Stanky

        – Smell: Floral, Sour, Earthy, Pine, Vanilla Bean

        – Taste: Floral, Earthy, Sweet, Vanilla Bean, Fruity, Gas

        – Effects: Focus, Calming, Creative, Talkative, Pain Relief, Stress Relief, Head High, Eye Pressure

      7. Jason Christie (verified owner)

        I’ve had 2 batches of the Purple Apricot and I absolutely love it.

      8. XBL Jedi (verified owner)

        London purps had nice thick buds, it’s indica but not couch bound.

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